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Two thousand WHAT NOW?!

There goes 2004, like a flash in a pan. It's been a pretty bumpy ride (no funding poured into this particular highway!), but I think I've managed to surface again. Life has been pretty damn good altogether, I suppose. But Jebus McTarnahan, it seems the year just went by in a snap!

Current status:

HT: Still the same... maybe another inch? Or at least another 1/4"...

WT: 160. Never thought I'd see that weight again. Do you know how long it's been since I could wear 32s again? I'm fuckin' STOKED!

BL: Slight. Still working on it, though!

HR: Messy. Need to get it cut soon. Sister cleaned it up a little bit during Xmas, but it's still kind of poofy.

ST: Never had a "style" per se, never will. Goth, Punk, Jock, Prep, Grunge, Skater means absolutely nothing to me. I think this hybrid mix of everything suits me just fine.

AT: Definitely seen a level or two gained as far as my art has gone. There is ALWAYS room for improvement, though. Expect to see a little more in the future.

LJ: Gotta write in this one more often! It's a little disheartening to see this one in a state of dormancy... perhaps I should freshen it up soon.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season, and let's hope for an ass-kicking 2005.
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