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I feel great! You can, too!

First day at the back belt was today. ^^ It's definitely a refreshing change of pace from the automation sorting machines. Don't have to chase mail around all the way down the stacker rows and then dash all the way back to the front and take care of a jam, stand there and load machine, etc. etc...

At the back belt, i just have to wait for trays full of mail to be carted in or belted in and then hashed out (or, separated into large carts). After a wave comes through, the crew working there just relaxes for a while. So, it's like Work Work Work Chill Work Work Chill Work Chill take actual break Work Work Chill and so forth. Plus the crew i work with are really cool. Add the fact that i got my soul food potatoes today and it just makes for one hell of a good monday. For once! Shoulders are a little sore, but a good workout overall.

"Going Postal" level: low.
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