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They even had an Atkins menu, damnit   
12:18am 13/04/2007
mood: food coma
Hey Kevin, you should try out a Hawaiian BBQ restaurant. So much possibility for a carnivore style appetite there... they pretty much serve nothin' but meat, and tons of it too. Levels rivalling that of the Phở 25 Miếng Bò Viên.


Hi, my name is Stereo Mike   
02:23am 25/02/2007
  So I ask you,
What the hell am I doing drinkin' in L.A.,
At twenty-six?


A doctor, you say...   
11:25pm 31/10/2005
mood: quixotic
Bringin' you another helping of weird shit through the internet UNIVARS.

A doctor. A ninja. Dr. McNinja.


01:05am 27/05/2005
mood: HOI!!!!!


01:35pm 18/03/2005
mood: elated
So I got myself a new job. It's at the airport. Fuckin' rawk.

Basically I'll be loading and unloading cargo from courier planes, in this case, for UPS. Not employed by UPS, but by a tenant company who does the marshalling/loading/etc.

Eventually I'll work my way into getting a job with an airline, so that way I'll be getting better pay, benefits, hours, and ticket discounts. With my foot in the door at the airport, it shouldn't be too exceptionally hard to find a big name airline employer.


08:50pm 12/02/2005
mood: content
Had dinner back at the parent's house tonight. Earlier today they picked me up to go car shopping. The MMMV v.2 is on its last legs, so they're thinking of replacing it (finally!). Well, with a Toyota Sienna '02. Nice van, yes. Also checked out a used '98 Camry which had 300000 miles on it already! :O

We were going to test drive a '95 Nissan 200SX, but it was in service because of a burned out clutch. Would've been nice to drive around for a while!

Also snagged a Sony Cybershot that my sister doesn't use anymore, so now I have a pretty good digital camera for my own peronal usage. :D


What's for dinner!   
09:11pm 28/01/2005
mood: dericious!
Pseudo Denver egg fu yung.
Served over rice.
Side of sliced tomato and cucumber.
And several cloves of sweet pickled garlic.

I am in my own little nirvana. :]

Oh yes, I'm usually not too big a fan of NIN, but this Orbital mix I really dig. Because Orbital is love. XD


Two thousand WHAT NOW?!   
06:23pm 03/01/2005
mood: hopeful
There goes 2004, like a flash in a pan. It's been a pretty bumpy ride (no funding poured into this particular highway!), but I think I've managed to surface again. Life has been pretty damn good altogether, I suppose. But Jebus McTarnahan, it seems the year just went by in a snap!

Current status:

HT: Still the same... maybe another inch? Or at least another 1/4"...

WT: 160. Never thought I'd see that weight again. Do you know how long it's been since I could wear 32s again? I'm fuckin' STOKED!

BL: Slight. Still working on it, though!

HR: Messy. Need to get it cut soon. Sister cleaned it up a little bit during Xmas, but it's still kind of poofy.

ST: Never had a "style" per se, never will. Goth, Punk, Jock, Prep, Grunge, Skater means absolutely nothing to me. I think this hybrid mix of everything suits me just fine.

AT: Definitely seen a level or two gained as far as my art has gone. There is ALWAYS room for improvement, though. Expect to see a little more in the future.

LJ: Gotta write in this one more often! It's a little disheartening to see this one in a state of dormancy... perhaps I should freshen it up soon.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season, and let's hope for an ass-kicking 2005.


I feel great! You can, too!   
02:09am 16/11/2004
mood: chillin'
First day at the back belt was today. ^^ It's definitely a refreshing change of pace from the automation sorting machines. Don't have to chase mail around all the way down the stacker rows and then dash all the way back to the front and take care of a jam, stand there and load machine, etc. etc...

At the back belt, i just have to wait for trays full of mail to be carted in or belted in and then hashed out (or, separated into large carts). After a wave comes through, the crew working there just relaxes for a while. So, it's like Work Work Work Chill Work Work Chill Work Chill take actual break Work Work Chill and so forth. Plus the crew i work with are really cool. Add the fact that i got my soul food potatoes today and it just makes for one hell of a good monday. For once! Shoulders are a little sore, but a good workout overall.

"Going Postal" level: low.


The view is so nice from the parking lot level 3   
03:06pm 12/10/2004
mood: wispy
Yesterday it was my coworker's birthday... she couldn't get the day off last night, so she got sunday instead. So far getting into a grind hasn't been too hard. It's real easy work, just tiresome as hell. i've gotten along pretty well with everyone there so far. Ms. Ly gives me sandwiches for lunch. :]

i think my Vietnamese skills have improved over the last week. Being in an environment where a good chunk of the workforce can speak it tends to obligate one to speak his native tongue. So if i hang out and i can't shake the Vietnamese accent, well, you'll understand.

On a completely unrelated note, i still love the fact that i can get a 2lb. 4 oz. bottle of Hoisin Sauce for $1.99. Snapz, yo.


He's still not getting his shoes   
12:56pm 09/09/2004
mood: surprised
And i didn't get my sammich.

Anyway, turns out the mysterious person who called my front door was a couple of my best friends from high school (I had an inkling suspicion it was them ^^). Caught them on their way out from the front door yesterday evening. 'Course I wasn't really in the best of moods at the time... just got woken up by the ringing phone and still getting over a pretty nasty bout of Head Cold™ did not help it at all.

Still, it was damn good to see 'em again. Tried going out to Abu Kharim (a Lebanese restaurant downtown) to see if another friend of ours Laila was working tonight. Guess we'll catch her another time. ^^ So it was off to Le Happy to get ourselves a Le Trash Blanc crépe (buckwheat crépe with chedder and bacon), topping it off with a PBR: The Official Portland Swill. Good stuff, man.

The evening ended with another round of frisbee in Jamison Square Park. The fountain was still running, but that didn't stop anyone (save for Neil) from getting in to retrieve the disc. I really miss days like that, man.


Oh, I love going to BAR. I usually order DRINK and have SANDWICH.   
05:53pm 03/08/2004
  Went over to the new Old Town Arcade a few nights ago. This place is pretty chillin'. Has a bar, several arcade machines, and pool tables strewn about. Well, I went there by myself (which isn't any fun), but perhaps with a group of people and a bag of quarters, it'd be quite a hangout. :]

It's kind of refreshing knowing I can walk into any bar without having to worry about ID. Yeah, still getting used to the fact that I'm of legal age (and feeling old to boot ;] ).


Yes, it's been a while   
11:10am 30/07/2004
So it's the 30th.

I am officially 21.

And there isn't a goddamn thing you can do about it.




01:38am 05/07/2004
mood: satisfied
Well, the 4th sure was quite a success. In the fact that blowing things up and having silly-ass fun at the same time, that is.

Hung out with Kevin, as is the case every year (at least I try for it that way). It's just really cool to hang out with him and reminisce about all of the inside jokes we have, especially the Starbox Contribution. Muhahahahahahahahah.

Fishbowl Commotion was also quite a hit.

Next year: buy more Friendship Pagodas. Light 'em inside the box. There's a sign of friendship for ya... imagine if you will: the hexagonal box spins, flares out several times, and up pops the paper pagoda. Aflame. I'm not sure why we find that so amusing, but it never fails. ^^;

Yeah, definite plans for next 4th of July are in effect. Well, not exactly, but once next year rolls around, we'll be ready.

Oh yes, and it is the 3rd year I have had this journal. Whee! *twirls a finger*


Graduated cylinders   
04:12am 11/06/2004
mood: enthralled
My little sister graduated from high school already! Wheeeeeee!

Getting to the Chiles Center at U of P today was kinna sucky, though. Although it only involved taking the #1 line all the way out there, i still had to work an 11 to 7 shift, meaning trying to haul ass to a bus stop to haul ass to North Portland. Well, 6... Mr. Allen let me leave a little early. It rained a bit. Bwah.

So, still in work clothes, feeing all grimy, groggy from waking a little earlier than usual, and soaking wet, i attended my sister's getting the hell out of high school. Congrats, sis! You're making us all proud. :D