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He's still not getting his shoes

And i didn't get my sammich.

Anyway, turns out the mysterious person who called my front door was a couple of my best friends from high school (I had an inkling suspicion it was them ^^). Caught them on their way out from the front door yesterday evening. 'Course I wasn't really in the best of moods at the time... just got woken up by the ringing phone and still getting over a pretty nasty bout of Head Cold™ did not help it at all.

Still, it was damn good to see 'em again. Tried going out to Abu Kharim (a Lebanese restaurant downtown) to see if another friend of ours Laila was working tonight. Guess we'll catch her another time. ^^ So it was off to Le Happy to get ourselves a Le Trash Blanc crépe (buckwheat crépe with chedder and bacon), topping it off with a PBR: The Official Portland Swill. Good stuff, man.

The evening ended with another round of frisbee in Jamison Square Park. The fountain was still running, but that didn't stop anyone (save for Neil) from getting in to retrieve the disc. I really miss days like that, man.
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