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Well, the 4th sure was quite a success. In the fact that blowing things up and having silly-ass fun at the same time, that is.

Hung out with Kevin, as is the case every year (at least I try for it that way). It's just really cool to hang out with him and reminisce about all of the inside jokes we have, especially the Starbox Contribution. Muhahahahahahahahah.

Fishbowl Commotion was also quite a hit.

Next year: buy more Friendship Pagodas. Light 'em inside the box. There's a sign of friendship for ya... imagine if you will: the hexagonal box spins, flares out several times, and up pops the paper pagoda. Aflame. I'm not sure why we find that so amusing, but it never fails. ^^;

Yeah, definite plans for next 4th of July are in effect. Well, not exactly, but once next year rolls around, we'll be ready.

Oh yes, and it is the 3rd year I have had this journal. Whee! *twirls a finger*
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